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Technological advancements over the last 250 years have been characterized in terms of technology waves starting with the industrial revolution and ending with the current or sixth wave of innovations. This wave includes the radical increase of resource productivity, whole system design, green chemistry, industrial ecology, renewable energy, other green technologies, and most notably nanotechnology.

The Sixth Wave corporate name is based on the teachings of Russian economist Nikolai Kondratiev, who first spoke of the 5 Major Cycles of Innovation in 1925: the Industrial Revolution; the Age of Steam & Railways; the Age of Steel & Electricity; the Age of Oil, Cars & Mass Production; and the Age of Information & Communication. Many believe the Sixth Cycle is now at hand, defined as the Age of Resource Efficiency and the use of quantum technologies to unlock increasing gains from fixed available resources, and to virtually eliminate inefficiencies and collateral waste.

Sixth Wave is a nanotechnology company focused on developing detection and extraction solutions that meet the highly specialized needs of its clients. In particular the Company utilizes advanced polymeric and non-polymeric chemistry to develop detection and extraction media that is powered by the specific molecular structure of the target substance. Since every substance has a unique size, shape, and chemical properties these attributes can be utilized at the individual molecule level to create highly efficient adsorption/detection media to solve problems that cannot be solved with conventional means.

Our core focus continues to be Gold Extraction and Cannabis Extraction, however, Sixth Wave currently has patents and products that address mining and environmental cleanup applications as well as other life sciences applications. The Company will continue to develop products that positively impact industrial and consumer needs in these and other fields with a focus on problems uniquely addressed with its nanotechnology solutions.

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About Sixth Wave

Sixth Wave Innovations Inc. has entered into an acquisition agreement with Sixth Wave Innovations Corp. The Company anticipates closing this acquisition and listing on the CSE concurrently.   Information on this website reflects the combined business of the two entities (“Sixth Wave”).  For more information see our press release dated September 11, 2018.

Sixth Wave is the World Leader in Molecular Imprinting Technology for the Resource and Cannabis Sectors.

  • Based in SLC, Utah; Staff of five Ph.D. Chemists & Research Associates.
  • Our Team has Developed Multiple Advanced Molecules for Mining applications,  as well as Medical, Homeland Security and Defense Applications.
  • IXOS® Technology for the Mining Sector is 100% Developed and Owned by Sixth Wave, Patented/Patent Pending in 40+ Countries Worldwide.
  • Affinity™ Technology for the Medical and Recreational Cannabis Industry is 100% Developed and Owned by Sixth Wave, Patent Pending.
  • Since 2014, Sixth Wave has Collaborated with Some of the Largest Entities in the Chemical & Resource Sectors.

Disruptive Technology

IXOS® and Affinity are revolutionary processing nanotechnologies

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Both IXOS® and Affinity™ deploy Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for highly selective and efficient extractions


MIPs generate cavities in a polymer matrix using the target molecule or a proxy molecule to create a polymer with an imprint and affinity (charge complex) for a target molecule (Au, Ag, Li, Co, Hg, As, etc.)

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