About Sixth Wave Innovations Inc.

Sixth Wave Innovations Inc. is a nanotechnology company focused on extraction and detection of target substances at the molecular level. Our products provide significant advantages in cost and performance. These advantages are derived from application of our patented technologies in the highly specialized field of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs). Sixth Wave is commercializing IXOS®, a line of extraction polymers for the gold mining industry and Affinity™ for the Cannabis Industry.

Sixth Wave Innovations Inc. has entered into an acquisition agreement with 6th Wave Innovations Corp.   The Company anticipates closing this acquisition and listing on the CSE concurrently.   Information on this website reflects the combined business of the two entities (“Sixth Wave”).  For more information see our press release dated September 11, 2018.


Gold Extraction with IXOS®

Sixth Wave has released IXOS®, a line of extraction polymers for the gold mining industry. IXOS® beads attract gold at the molecular level and are more selective, more efficient and have higher capacity than competitive solutions. These characteristics result in lower OPEX and are a more environmentally friendly solution. Sixth Wave has completed extensive testing in the laboratory and field trials with some of the world’s largest gold mining companies. The IXOS® ADR plant design requires a much smaller footprint, resulting in lower CAPEX for new mines and can be used to retrofit existing circuits with minimal redesign.

Cannabinoid Extraction with Affinity™

The cannabis industry continues to experience exponential growth as attitudes toward medicinal and recreational use of cannabis continue to evolve. In the U.S., a growing number of states have approved medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. Canada legalized recreational use country wide in 2018. This has led to an increase in growers, processors and the need for analytical characterization and regulation of products. As the industry evolves, demand for edible and ingestible products is expected to increase significantly.  Further potential customers are demanding tailored products with controllable amounts of either CBD (non-psychoactive) and the D9-THC (THC, psychoactive) components of cannabis extracts. The availability of pure CBD and THC allows for controlled specialty cannabis extract formulations for different medicinal indications and/or recreational uses. Research in this field continues to identify medicinal uses for other cannabinoids.  

Sixth Wave has developed the Affinity™ System for the extraction of both CBD and THC at the molecular level.  The Affinity™ System is highly efficient, scalable, commercially viable and provides a low cost purification process for CBD and THC from crude cannabis extracts. As new genetic research in this domain yields strains of cannabis plants that have higher concentrations of targeted cannabinoids (including CBG & CBN), Sixth Wave is continuing the development of polymers to capture these substances.