Legacy Product – No Longer in Production

Explosives Detection - Wipes and Spray

Previously developed with internal resources and R&D funds under multiple contracts with the US Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center (ARDEC) and sold to elements of the US Department of Defense and allied forces. Deployed in combat theatres. 

Wipes – Direct application to a contaminated surface detecting at the nanogram level

Spray – Spray surface directly or wipe the surface with a Trace Collection Wipe and spray

Demonstration Video

Technical Approach

Sixth Wave’s Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) detect explosives at the molecular level. The imprint of the target molecule is in the polymer itself. The target explosive molecule comes in contact with the polymer and the molecule is captured and retained in the polymer. The capture triggers a colorimetric response that is readily identified by the user. This process allows speed, simplicity, selectively and sensitivity in detection. Demonstrated capability in various delivery systems. Testing can be overt or covert.

Operational and Performance Capability - Summary

– Not a chemistry set; single step process
– Visible detection at the < 200 nanogram level
– High selectivity; virtually NO false positives
– Evidentiary; residue captured can be used as evidence
– Fast reaction-colorimetric changes within 30 seconds

Development - Status

– Product development cycle is complete.
– Product rigorously and successfully tested by various US Government labs/departments, commercially manufactured and sold to elements of the US Department of Defense.
– IP consists of a combination of trade secrets and patentable elements waiting to be filed

Technological Status

– Product not currently under development
– Additional development required to complete the library of explosives required