SAFE-T® Explosive Detection Overview

•  Sixth Wave products utilize proprietary IP to detect explosives with MIP producing unique visual color response with no added steps
•  Products outperform comparable products with its outstanding combination of sensitivity, selectivity, and user‐friendly attributes
•  Testing conducted by independent and internationally recognized laboratories confirm Sixth Wave products have:

•  Zero false negatives (it always detects if explosives are present at Limit of Detection – LOD)
•  Zero false positives (it did not react to  large battery of industrial, environmental, and household products)

•  Sixth Wave products can be used for multiple Deployment Scenarios

Explosive Detection Wipes and Spray

Sixth Wave’s Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) detect explosives at the molecular level. The imprint of the target molecule is in the polymer itself. The target explosive molecule comes in contact with the polymer and the molecule is captured and retained in the polymer. The capture triggers a colorimetric response that is readily identified by the user. This process allows speed, simplicity, selectively and sensitivity in detection. Demonstrated capability in various delivery systems. Testing can be overt or covert.

Applications: Security screening of persons, articles, vehicles.  Use at/for ECP, airports, public transit, critical infrastructure, checkpoints, military ops, intelligence ops, embassy security, large event security, criminal investigation, post-blast analysis, collection of evidence.

Current Sixth Wave Delivery Systems

Wipes – 4”x 4” Single pack. Direct application to contaminated surface

Spray –  Spray surface directly or wipe surface with Trace Collection Wipe and then spray

Custom Kits with Graphic Training Aids are available  for Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders.

Operational & Performance Capability - Summary

– Not a chemistry set; single step process
– Visible detection at the < 200 nanogram level
– High selectivity; virtually NO false positives
– Evidentiary; residue captured can be used as evidence
– No special training required
– No equipment, power, calibration or maintenance
– Fast reaction
– Low cost, high effectiveness
– Light weight and portable makes every soldier / first responder a mobile explosive detection sensor

Development Status

•  Products are already fielded
•  Production capacity needs to increase if sales warrant
•  IP consists of a combination of trade secrets and patentable elements waiting to be filed

Technological Hurdles:
•  We must add detection capability for RDX, HMX, and TATP to achieve full acceptance of the product line
•  Formulations are in various stages with main issue being stability
•  Pathways to completion are available.