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In response to the global pandemic,  AMIPSÔ is a Rapid Virus Test empowered by MIPs, for the selective identification of Covid-19.  Testing performed at the La Ki Shing Institute of Virology at the University of Alberta of the AMIPS polymer have shown that we can detect all of the variants tested, detection levels that are 250 times lower than rapid antigen tests, and no cross reactivity (false alarms) from a test battery of other respiratory viruses and bacteria.  This represents the ONLY non-molecular test (i.e. PCR and NAAT) capable of detecting asymptomatic and contagious individuals.  AMIPS has been tested with saliva rather than more invasive nasal swabs samples.

The Company is pursuing productization partners for a variety of products.  AMIPs will allow for high volume, point-of-use screening in public sector, private industry, hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, and various forms of public transportation.  AMIPS can easily be configured to test for other viral and bacterial pathogens as well as multiplexed to test for multiple pathogens with a single sample. For example, differentiating Influenza from Covid 19 with a single test.

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Cannabinoid Purification & Extraction.

For Cannabis Producers, Affinity™ streamlines the traditional processing of cannabis and hemp extracts into high purity distillates for use in a variety of end products. Affinity™, empowered by MIPs, is designed to capture and extract cannabinoids from filtered crude extracts without the use of traditional winterization and distillation.  The MIPs media simply captures the cannabinoids at ambient temperature and pressure with virtually no loss of cannabinoids and no breakage or modification of the cannabinoids.   The process uses only water and ethanol providing a clean and non-toxic process.   Licensed producers should see significantly reduced operating costs, higher throughput capability, automated processing, higher yields, and distillate purity levels between 5-10% higher than traditional methods.